[Mono-list] Can't be able to build mono from CVS.

Ritchard Nash ritchard76@supereva.it
11 Jun 2003 19:26:33 +0200

Hi all , 

i'm trying to build mono from CVS but it seems i miss something.
I checkout mono mcs and gtk-sharp and do the following:

cd /cw/cvsroot/mono/mono
./autogen.sh --prefix=/cw/cvsroot/mono/install
make install

and it builds. On the end it complains about some unexistent exe files
but ignore them. Then i do:

cd /cw/cvsroot/mono/mcs
make -f makefile.gnu install prefix=/cw/cvsroot/mono/install

and it complains that it can't find a mcs to build libraries.
If i install a 0.23 mono it try to build the classlib but
says that my corlib is out of sync.

Someone can help me with a precise & correct procedure to follow to
build mono from cvs in a system without any preinstalled mono version?

Best Regards, 
Ritchard Nash <ritchard76@supereva.it>