[Mono-list] Question about Mono .Net vs Microsoft .Net

Daniel Lopez daniel@rawbyte.com
Sun, 8 Jun 2003 02:33:21 -0700

Hello Joe,

Yes, the idea is to replicate exactly the functionality of hte .Net framework,
so the same code will run unmodified in either Mono or MS .Net
You can compile in Mono and deploy on MS .Net and the other way around.
That's the goal, the degree of completeness at this moment varies from area
to area (Windows Forms namespace been one of the difficult pieces for example)

> Hello, 
> I read the faq questions at your site hoping to find an answer to my
> question, but I'm still unsure of the answer.  Here is my question:
> We currently develop software for multiple platforms in C, including unix,
> linux, and win32 platforms.  This is a very tedious process and we have
> recently opted for porting all our code to java to make our life easier.  I
> have been interested in Microsoft .Net for some time now as a possible
> alternative to java for writing code one time that will work in any
> platform, but I haven't really found any examples out there of how to use
> Microsoft's .Net on unix platforms.  
> I'm interested in Mono as a possible solution, but I'm not sure if it will
> do what I'm looking for:   Is it possible to write web and windows
> applications using Microsoft's .Net classes and compiler (in C#) , and then
> execute that code in unix platforms just using the mono CLR in Unix, or
> would I have to actually write the application using Mono's .Net open source
> classes instead of the Microsoft .Net classes, which means I would be
> learning new classes all over again?   In other words, is it possible to
> write the application on a windows platform using Microsof'ts latest .Net
> tools (C#) and compiler, and then run them on a unix platform that uses the
> Mono CLR?  Would the Mono CLR resolve the Microsoft .Net classes used to
> write the application to aliases (compatible classes) in Mono, or how would
> this work?.  Meaning, do I have to learn the new classes in Mono and the
> apis in Mono in order to write .Net applications or can I still write my
> applications in Microsoft .Net and let the Mono CLR take care of the rest
> when I wan't to run the same application on unix?
> Thanks,
> Joe Roberts
> jroberts@docucorp.com
> 770-858-2156