[Mono-list] Suggestion: warning "member variable not initialized"

Thong (Tum) Nguyen tum@veridicus.com
Sun, 8 Jun 2003 09:21:30 +1200

Hi Maurizio,

Readonly members are implicitly initialized (all memory is zeroed before
it is used) but since readonly members can't be set anywhere except for
in the initializer or constructor a warning is given.

The compiler will actually give an warning if you never initialize a
field but it won't give you an warning if you initialize it *somewhere*
(doesn't have to be the constructor).

So the C# semantics for all fields appear to be that a warning is given
if it is read *somewhere* but is never assigned a value *somewhere*.


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> > Members are implicitly initialized to 0 or null so they do have a
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> > ^Tum
> I see. :-P
> So the semantics of readonly members is "members which are not
> implicitly initialized, and must be explicitly initialized in the
> constructor"... right?
> So the C# semantics is itself error-prone, because implicit
> initialization is error-prone.
> Of course we cannot change the semantics! :-) On the other hand, my
> suggestion as a warning might still be useful, maybe...
> bye,
> Maurizio
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