[Mono-list] OS X build weirdness

Andy Satori dru@satori-assoc.com
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 10:46:57 -0400

Oh, it works, up to a point.

I'm more or less sitting on the OS X side until 0.25, when hopefully 
mini will be in the loop.  Since mini appears to be the future 
direction of the mono project, and it's supposedly more portable, it 
would seem to be a better candidate for OS X than mint, which has some 
issue on OS X.


On Thursday, June 5, 2003, at 09:15  AM, Benjamin Reed wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> Trevor Strohman wrote:
>> ** (/usr/bin/mcs.exe:24622): WARNING **: Could not find assembly 
>> System
>> Can not open image /usr/bin/mcs.exe
>> make[1]: *** [mcs.exe] Error 1
>> make: *** [all] Error 1
>> (I get that right after the makefile tries to fire up mcs.exe with 
>> mint for the first time).
>> Is this supposed to work yet?  Am I doing something wrong?  I don't 
>> need it to even work that well, I'd just like to get to the point 
>> where mint can has enough standard library support to actually run 
>> some test code.
> You're basically as far as the OSX port gets (that's why mcs isn't in 
> Fink ;)
> It's likely gonna need someone who understands both OSX programming 
> and mono internals, which is not me, to get it working.
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