[Mono-list] Mentoring new developers with Mono

Angel "Java" Lopez webmaster@ajlopez.com
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 14:11:16 -0300

Excellent idea!!

Any initiatives like this, but in Spanish?? Hmmm... hosted on
www.monohispano.org perhaps??

I want to colaborate in my bad English (Me Tarzan....:-), or in my mother

Angel "Java" Lopez

----- Original Message ----- 
>What I'm proposing is possibly the formation of a mentoring
>group/mailing list where no question is asked too often and seemingly
>stupid questions can be asked.  I also think that some baby steps need
>to made before wading in and doing some significant development.  If
>can think of some other ways this can be done (including working on the

>Wiki), I'd like to step in.  I also know that with open source projects

>sometimes some leadership needs to be had, and I'm willing to take on
>this task if necessary.  Of course, this will be the blind leading the
>blind, but I'm willing to do that.