[Mono-list] [OT?] qt#

David Sorokin davsor@mail.ru
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:14:55 +0400

I think this is the serious omission. So, it seems that Qt as a 
part of KDE is very popular in the Europe as well as in Russia.

It would be just fine to have the fully-functional Qt# but not 
only gtk#.

By the way, is it possible possible to design something common, 
which can be implemented both in Gtk and Qt? I have in mind 
something like to changeable themes for Swing in Java.

Thank you 


> On 06/01/03 Dan Trevino wrote:
> > Very little mention is ever made of qt#.  The website has
> > quite a bit of info on gtk#, but 0 mention of Qt#.  Is this
> > a throwback to the GNOME vs KDE arguments?  Just an
> > oversight?  What gives?
> It gives that no one of the Qt# users bothered to post a patch
> to add info about it to our website (the website content is in
> mono/doc/).
> lupus