[Mono-list] request for trial: DTMXPathNavigator

ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Sun, 01 Jun 2003 14:27:06 +0900


Recently I was working on a new XPathNavigator and XPathDocument
and has done most of the work (it is very small stuff). Now I would
ask any of you to try before I check them into cvs.
I temporarily put the sources here:

To run with Mono, download the archive, rename XPathDocument.cs.txt 
to XPathDocument.cs and replace existing XPathDocument with it, and
copy the others to anyplace to be compiled (e.g. System.Xml.XPath).

To run with MS.NET, create XPathNavigator referencing "Usage" section
of the above site. The best thing I want to hear is whether it works
well as an input to XslTransform. (Note that current mono's xslt
doesn't use XPathNavigator in transformation.)

In some (most?) cases, it runs much faster than MS.NET's XPathDocument.

  Atsushi Eno