[Mono-list] Re: mono-hackers --> mono-devel-list

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:07:54 -0500

On Friday 31 January 2003 12:35 am, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
> > What happened to this?  You've been mentioning mono-hackers quite a bit
> > on the IRC channel lately and I still have no way of knowing what is
> > going on. Could you please set this up or add me too mono-hackers again?
> You were in charge of writing a patch for GNU Mailman to automatically
> do this, remember?

No, I was never 'in charge' of writing this patch.  I think it is silly to 
create a mailing list and a kludge patch where i'd be the only subscriber to 
mono-devel-list and everyone else would be on mono-hackers.

You said you'd create the list when you returned from Mexico and when you 
didn't I asked and you gave this excuse.  Why can't you just set up a regular 
mailing list like all of the others.  As we discussed, you could use 
mono-hackers/secrets for your confidential information and the development 
discussion could take place on an open mailing list.

> The stuff that I am posting to Mono Hackers is still of a confidential
> nature.
> Miguel.