[Mono-list] RE: [Mono-winforms-list] Changes to monostub

John Sohn jsohn@columbus.rr.com
29 Jan 2003 23:02:47 -0500

For the System.Windows.Forms WineLib implementation I needed to add some
dll mappings to the Mono config file. For our stub application using the
embedding API I needed to add a call to mono_config_parse. This does not
seem to be part of the public API. When a full installation of Mono is
installed mono_config_parse is not a function available (in the include
files) in include/mono. If this function is not part of the embedding
API can it be made public?


On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 13:05, Dennis Hayes wrote:
> Great!
> Check it in.
> The mono_config_parse change probably should be posted to the main list.
> Dennis
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> Subject: [Mono-winforms-list] Changes to monostub
> I've made some changes to the monostub.c file that allows it to work
> with the latest Mono and Wine releases. I also added some details to the
> It looks like the mono mapping to shared libraries changed. As a result
> the latest Mono needs these entries added to the etc/mono/config:
>         <dllmap dll="user32.dll" target="user32.dll.so" />
>         <dllmap dll="kernel32.dll" target="kernel32.dll.so" />
>         <dllmap dll="gdi32.dll" target="gdi32.dll.so" />
>         <dllmap dll="shell32.dll" target="shell32.dll.so" />
>         <dllmap dll="comctl32.dll" target="comctl32.dll.so" />
> I also noticed the mono_config_parse is not included in the "public"
> embedding API. This needs to be called in the monostub application to
> map the above libraries. Can this method become public and included in
> the standard mono embedding API include files?
> Is it OK to commit these changes to monostub.c and the README?
> Thanks,
> John
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