[Mono-list] Converting an existing ASP.NET Application

Hood, Gavan gwhood@software.rockwell.com
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:22:01 -0500

I am considering attempting to build an existing ASP.NET and web service application (there are two applications in reality) on Mono.

Can someone advise me if this is worth trying please?, perhaps my interest is better spent on other tasks for a while. I do not want to attempt to build a project when there is little or no chance of it actually running. If it is better to wait an estimate of how long you think it will be till I have a chance of success. If it can succeed, which build and platform would you recommend.


An overview of the application.

The web service uses the oledb data access funtionality up to DataSets, ASP.NETs implementation of web services tied together with a range of framework pieces such as reflection, xml serailization etc.

The only piece that I think might be an obvious issue is the use SOAP extensions in the code base, but I could chop that out if need be.

The UI portion of the project makes use of ASP.NET controls and the Data grid control in particular. 
Naturally the project is broken down into multiple assemblies however the access to these guys takes the simple copy based deployment approach, No GAC.

The projects reference:

The web app also references:

There are some COM components being called as well.