[Mono-list] Error executing mcs

Jorge Pérez Burgos (Koke) koke@eresmas.net
27 Jan 2003 17:31:33 +0100

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On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 16:22, Marc Recht wrote:
> First, which OS do you run ?
	Ups, sorry, i have Debian Sid GNU/linux, gcc 3.2. i have
MONO_SIZEOF_SUNPATH set to 0 in config.h. and now i attach the output of
the gctest program, it seems to work
> If you're not running Linux or Solaris, you should build boehm-gc without 
> threads first. (You could also build the "gctest" programm which game with 
> boehm-gc to see if it actually works)

	i try it now.

> It seems that your OS needs a
> #define NEED_LINK_UNLINK 1
> in config.h (or confdefs.h ?)
> If you're running NetBSD, you could try my pkg (pr pkg/20011)
> ( http://www.geht.de/netbsd/pkgsrc/mono.tgz ).
> HTH,
> Marc
> --
> "Premature optimization is the root of all evil." -- Donald E. Knuth

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Switched to incremental mode
Emulating dirty bits with mprotect/signals
Completed 3 tests
Allocated 5716994 collectable objects
Allocated 306 uncollectable objects
Allocated 3750000 atomic objects
Allocated 34440 stubborn objects
Finalized 6598/6598 objects - finalization is probably ok
Total number of bytes allocated is 301700460
Final heap size is 13000704 bytes
Collector appears to work
Completed 393 collections