[Mono-list] Unit Tests & run_test.sh

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Mon, 27 Jan 2003 15:14:36 +0900

| I noticed the script called run_test.sh.  Thinking this is what I want,
| I try it:

That was for NUnit v1.  We are now using version 2 for corlib tests (and
soon for the others as well).

|  so I know the tests are running.  I see there's a different
| nunit-console in the script.
| Is this script still the right way to do it?  I'd rather not run all the
| tests just to get to the ones I write.

There is an argument you can pass to nunit-console for just this purpose:

So the command would look something like this:

MONO_PATH=../../../nunit20:. mono ../../../nunit20/nunit-console.exe

Nick D.