[Mono-list] Want to write tests

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Sat, 25 Jan 2003 18:09:48 +0900

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| Hi,
| as I said, I'd like to write tests as a little contribution 
| to the project.

Great.  Would love to have some help :)

| I have read the documentation and the tips about NUnit on 
| go-mono and now, I have few questions:
| - Should I use NUnit V2.0 or the previous one ?

For corlib unit tests we are using v2.0. For the others we are still using
the previous one.

| - For what classes should I write tests ? The latest message 
| I found on the list was posted on February 2002. There must 
| have been changes since this message.

This is a good question.  Currently you have to discover by looking in the
various Test directories to find out what exists and what doesn't.  That
would also be another great way to contribute: Generate a report of what
still need a test.

There's a coverage analyzer that I haven't tried to use yet, but that would
be one way to get some of that information.

| - How can I submit the tests I write ?

Just post your code to this list.  Someone will review and check it in for
you.  Once you've made a few contributions in that way, you can ask for and
most likely get a cvs account.

Nick D.