[Mono-list] Some ideas for dotgnu.

Erik Bågfors erik@bagfors.nu
22 Jan 2003 17:40:59 +0100

Hi all! 

I just tried out the dotgnu stuff for the first time just for fun and
found a few things I really like.  These are just convenience-functions
but still.

The compiler has a few nice options.

  -gtk               Link against the Gtk# libraries
  -gnome             Link against the Gnome# libraries

ilrun also has a few nice arguments.
ilrun --register     Registers ilrun in the linux kernel so you just 
                     can run the executable without typing ilrun

this can also be used to register mono
ilrun --register /usr/bin/mono


the dotgnu compiler also creates it's exe's with +x so you don't need to
chmod every file.

ilrun also starts wine if the exe isn't a IL program. I really don't
think this belongs in the ilrun/mono-program but in a separate program.
I remember reading about a program like that, does it exist?

I really think these makes .net integrate alittle better with linux.


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