[Mono-list] RE: debugger screenshot

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
22 Jan 2003 13:48:20 +0100

"Piyush, Garyali (IE10)" <Piyush.Garyali@honeywell.com> writes:

> The debugger does look very impressive.. but is there
> any way I can build the bebugger on Cygwin (win2k)like
> we have the GDB.


the debugger isn't ported to Windows yet.

I thought that this'd be a huge and complicated task - however, I start to believe that it
may not be that much work at all to do it.

What needs to be done first is compiling the debugger (the build process should
automatically ignore the backend, ie. include nothing in backends/server/library.c) on
Cygwin.  You'll need all the latest GNU tools like binutils for it and may need to make
some fixes to the build process.

Once that is done, it shouldn't be that much work to actually port the backend.

Martin Baulig