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Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:33:55 -0500

Hi Chris,

I am running IBM DB2 Universal Database version 8.1 for Windows.  I am using
the Mono.Data.DB2Client data provider on Mono on Windows XP.  I also have
Visual Studio.NET installed, but I haven't tried the provider with .NET.
The version of Mono I'm using is around Mono 0.18.   I will try with the
latest release of Mono which is 0.19.

By the way, the documentation about each of the providers are up at

The IBM DB2 provider is at

Feel free to enhance or correct this web page in mono cvs at


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  I looked at the MySQL data provider a bit to get an idea, not the ODBC
one.  I'll check it out.  IBM tries to emulate the ODBC API directly, keep
the same function signatures and names in its CLI library, so they're bound
to be close.  Are you running on Windows or Linux? And what version of DB2?
I'll give it a try here.  I've only tried things out with .Net and Visual
Studio, not Mono, but I'll see if I can get the same setup as you...


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Hi Chris,

The provider was not able to retrieve data for me.  The mono JIT just quits.
No exception, no error message, no Windows message box popping up about it
crashing.  The mono JIT quits when it calls ExecuteReader().   Who knows,
maybe something is not setup right on my machine.

By the way, have you looked at the ODBC provider at
mcs/class/System.Data/System.Data.Odbc ?  It is very similar to the DB2

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From: cleared [mailto:cleared@rogers.com]
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  I was reading the IBMDB2 section of the mono documentation, I noticed that
it states that the provider doesn't yet return data through a DataReader.
Did you run into a bug pulling data out, because it should be able to pull
out the base types (no LOBS, LOB locators or UDTs yet)?  If it didn't work
for you, please let me know.


Chris Bockner