[Mono-list] Architectural Question

Bryan Porter bporter@gtw.net
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:35:52 -0600

Salutations All,

I'm working on a small project, and would like a bit of advice.

I'm trying to write a WinForms application that allows you to add users
to a linux box. My problem is this - I'm trying to find a way to quickly
and easily notify the linux box that it needs to process a new user
request. My first thought was using singleton .NET remoting, and setting
up an event sink through the remoted object so that I could call the
event on the Windows machine and have the event be caught by the linux

Unfortunately, upon trying this out Activator.GetObject() threw a
NotImplemented exception. 

Since this isn't implemented yet, would anyone have any suggestions as
to how else I might achieve this effect? Or any other way to notify the
linux machine?

I'm kind of at a loss, and any suggestions would be most appreciated.

BTW, I'm extremely impressed by Mono so far. Great work everyone!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at the
number listed below.

Bryan Porter
Systems Programmer

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