[Mono-list] TcpChannel not found

Lluis Sanchez lsg@ctv.es
Mon, 20 Jan 2003 15:59:45 +0100

> I can't seem to get mono to find TcpChannel - is it
> implemented?  I see a reference in the .dll files when
> I use "strings", but the mono compiler complains.
> I'm using the pre-compiled mono 0.17 on WinXP (0.18
> doesn't have a windows installer yet...)  and it
> compiles other small test programs fine. Microsoft's
> csc also compiles it fine.

TcpChannel is implemented in the assembly System.Runtime.Remoting.dll, so
you need to reference it when compiling: mcs -r:System.Runtime.Remoting.dll
I think that in mono 0.17 TcpChannel was just an skeleton. In 0.18 it is
working, although it is not yet finished.

> Also, are there plans to implement HttpChannel in the
> future?  I know that binary remoting doesn't yet work
> with MS, but does XML remoting currently work?

There is some work done on SoapFormatter, but it is not plugged into
remoting yet.