[Mono-list] Re: How to expose C++ virtual functions?

J. Perkins jason@379.com
20 Jan 2003 08:23:04 -0500

Thanks Thomas,

I did get this working, but it requires an awful lot of overhead. In
every most-derived class, I must create stubs for every virtual
function, in both C and C#. I was really hoping that I could find a way
implement each stub just for the class that defined it.

I am hoping that later today I will be able to try a new approach.
Instead of trying to map the virtual function directly to C#, I would
like to try converting them to events. I have already figured out a way
to get events into C# so I am pretty sure it will work, though it might
be a little clumsy at first.

As soon as I can get the wxWindows "Minimal" sample working, I will put
a code snapshot on my site. Time permitting, maybe later today.


On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 07:59, Thomas Stolwijk wrote:
> > How do I get "base.OnInit()" to call wxApp::OnInit()? 
> Maybe like so:
> bool _App_OnInit(wxApp* theApp) 
> {
>    return theApp->wxApp::OnInit();
> }