[Mono-list] Binary serialization

Lluis Sanchez lsg@ctv.es
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 19:03:20 +0100

> >> This seems like a bug in our runtime.  The TypeCode enumeration should
> >> in principle have the same values.  If it does not, that is our
> >> mistake.  Do you know which values are wrong?  (Or all of it?)
> > I think most of them are wrong. I'll correct them and I'll send a patch.
> I'm pretty sure they are all correct:
> 1) They are generated from the specs file;
> 2) They seems to have the same values in mscorlib;
> 3) They have the same values in Rotor;
> Maybe problem is with something else?

You are right! The enum is ok. It seems that MS .NET does not use TypeCode
values to encode the primitive types, as I assumed. In may initial tests I
used ints and chars, and casually those types are encoded using its TypeCode
value, but it is not true for the rest of the primitive types.
I'll correct it.