[Mono-list] Binary serialization

Lluis Sanchez lsg@ctv.es
Sun, 19 Jan 2003 15:34:10 +0100

> > I've attached a document that describes the format. There are some
> > gaps in some tables of codes, so if you find a meaning for the missing
> > codes, please contact me and I'll update the document.
> Is it possible to check the document in CVS as well?

Yes. In which folder should it be added?

> > Another difference is how primitive types are serialized. I've noticed
> > that MS uses the codes of the enum TypeCode to identify primitive
> > types. I did the same, but the codes of mono's TypeCode enum are
> > different, so the formatter gets confused when reading values of an
> > object serialized with MS runtime. I've also seen that decimal values
> > are serialized using a different format. However, this should be easy
> > to solve.
> This seems like a bug in our runtime.  The TypeCode enumeration should
> in principle have the same values.  If it does not, that is our
> mistake.  Do you know which values are wrong?  (Or all of it?)

I think most of them are wrong. I'll correct them and I'll send a patch.