[Mono-list] Re: XmlNamespaceManager.LookupPrefix

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
19 Jan 2003 02:46:34 -0500


> > For now, lets assume that the bug is in the documentation, so lets move
> > closer to the .NET behavior, and submit the bug to ECMA/Microsoft so
> > they can fix their docs.
> About this topic, I made contact with DotGNU developers ML.
> Gopal V, one of the developer, said that it would be better
> to wait until the next revision of ECMA is released.
> I think it is better choice. Miguel, how do you think?

The ECMA standard is a useful starting point for many things in Mono,
but it is not an ultimate reference.  After all we are implementing the
.NET superset instead of the ECMA spec.

On the other hand, we know for a fact that the documentation might be
out of sync with the implementation.  This happens very often with large

This is a bug in the specification, so lets just move ahead an do the
right thing.  There is no point in waiting for the updated
documentation, we already know its wrong.

I suggest we move ahead with the fix.