[Mono-list] Compile mod_mono with a RPM-installed Apache

Magnus Runesson mr-mono@linuxalert.org
18 Jan 2003 19:24:46 +0100

I have a Redhat RPM-installed Apache 2.0.40. The devel package is also
installed.  The devel package puts the include-files in

When I run configure with the flag --with-apache2=<dir> Then the script
adds include/httpd.h to <dir> when checking for apache so it does not
works, of course. I have tried to use --includedir, but it does not
help. Can I solve this by sending some extra flags to configure? Or does
anyone have a smart solution for me? 

I would like to avoid to move all the include-files from
/usr/include/httpd/ to /usr/include/.

My httpd-rpm-versions:


Magnus Runesson <mr-mono@linuxalert.org>