[Mono-list] Microsoft SPOT Technology

Brian Ritchie brianlritchie@hotmail.com
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 09:56:45 -0500

Ran across this interesting bit of news while reading about the new "Smart 
Personal Object Technology" from Microsoft.  The first SPOT device, a watch, 
will natively run .NET bytecode.

SPOT watches sport a 120 x 90 black and white LCD display, and a tiny bit of 
Windows CE .NET silicon, along with the hardware needed to connect to 
DirectBand, Microsoft's new wireless network, discussed in detail below. 
Driving each watch is an ARM CPU running at 28 MHz, with 512 KB of ROM and 
384 KB of RAM. "That's four times the speed and 8 times the memory of the 
first IBM PC," Gates noted. Natively, the devices run .NET bytecode, he 


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