[Mono-list] Martin's debugger in CVS

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
17 Jan 2003 16:53:26 +0100

Paolo Molaro <lupus@ximian.com> writes:

> On 01/16/03 Martin Baulig wrote:
> >    Such a libbfd.so doesn't depend on any non-shared libraries and thus it can be
> >    dlopen()ed - that's what the debugger needs.
> Why can't the debugger link directly to the library?

Because that'd require the JIT being linked statically against -liberty.

If you use just --enable-shared and not --enable-commonbfdlib in the binutils build, all
the generated executables (nm, as etc.) will have libiberty.a statically linked in and
link dynamically against libbfd.so.  The static libiberty.a and libbfd.a will be installed
together with this libbfd.so, but there is no shared libiberty.so.

Martin Baulig