[Mono-list] Building mono on Unix platforms

Janson, Eric eric.janson@eds.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 04:43:07 -0600

Is mono supposed to work on Unix in general?  I know it works on Linux / Mac
/ FreeBSD / win, but I was hoping to get it to build on IRIX, AIX, HP-UX and
Solaris.  Those are the Unixes we use, and was wondering if I'm doing
something wrong (./configure keeps stopping at "can compiler create
executable?....no" or something similar....same on all 4 plat's ), or if
it's not actually supposed to work on Unix.  If not, is that in the plans?
If so, any idea of a timeline?  It's not clear (to me, anyway...not a big
Unix expert) from the mono-FAQ...it doesn't mention IRIX, AIX or HP-UX, but
it does seem that it's supposed to work on Solaris, anyway?!


Eric Janson