[Mono-list] type-reflector makefile

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
16 Jan 2003 21:13:35 +0100

Jonathan Pryor <jonpryor@vt.edu> writes:

> Yeah, this was mentioned to me late last week.  It's been (somewhat)
> fixed in CVS.  In particular, the problem where it is always rebuilt,
> even when no files have been changed, has been fixed.
> If you don't have access to CVS, the simple solution is to copy the
> dependencies from the the `gui-all' target to the `gui' target.
> The first problem you mention -- building 3 times before succeeding --
> is unfortunately by design.  It has Gtk# and System.Windows.Forms
> front-ends, but I don't want to require the existence of the Gtk# and
> Windows.Forms assemblies to build, as a console-based front-end also
> exists.

Well, IMHO it's in general a very bad idea to have this in the `mcs' module.  In any case,
it'll be a horrible nightmare for packaging people and automated build scripts.

Why do we need to start making the `mcs' module a dumping place for random stuff - and now
we're even getting such `jokes' like things which depend on gtk# (!).

In the "old days" of Mono, this module was providing the compiler and the class libraries -
things which are a prerequisite for any other module.  So you started compiling the
compiler and then the class libraries and then moved on to the next library.

Now the way it works seems to be compiling the compiler and the class libraries, then
aborting the build, installing these two components, then compiling and installing gtk# and
then resuming the build in the `mcs' directory  - or do I miss something ?

Martin Baulig