[Mono-list] FOSDEM

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen kenneth@gnu.org
16 Jan 2003 16:05:30 +0100

I am going with my girl friend, but I do not know whether we go from
Denmark directly or from the Netherlands.

I will contact you if we go directly from Denmark.


tor, 2003-01-16 kl. 14:52 skrev Martin Willemoes Hansen:
> On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 15:54, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> > Is there somebody who is doing a speech about Mono at FOSDEM this year?
> > 
> > http://www.fosdem.org
> BTW. Anybody going there from Denmark, it would be nice to have some
> travel mates.
Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <kenneth@gnu.org>