[Mono-list] Mono question????

Jauphka Kuri Uhrynowski jauphka@hotpop.com
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 00:27:30 -0600

Hi all. I have questions (they may seem quite stupid for most of you,

1) mcs MyApp.cs creates a MyApp.exe (under linux). Is MyApp.exe a real
binary file?
Am I able to run it without using mono MyApp.exe? How?

2) file MyApp.exe prints out something like: "Microsoft executable file"
(don't remember)
 Am I able to run MyApp.exe under Windows? How?

3) Is there a HTML(PDF or PS) file, downloadable where I can see the classes
& methods?
Something like Sun's Java API Documentation?

4) MyApp.exe could also be created under Windows. Am I able to run it under
Linux? How?

I hope someone can pull me out of these begginer  question-stupidAnswer
Thanx mates.

Jauphka KU