[Mono-list] type-reflector makefile

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
15 Jan 2003 07:04:40 -0500

Yeah, this was mentioned to me late last week.  It's been (somewhat)
fixed in CVS.  In particular, the problem where it is always rebuilt,
even when no files have been changed, has been fixed.

If you don't have access to CVS, the simple solution is to copy the
dependencies from the the `gui-all' target to the `gui' target.

The first problem you mention -- building 3 times before succeeding --
is unfortunately by design.  It has Gtk# and System.Windows.Forms
front-ends, but I don't want to require the existence of the Gtk# and
Windows.Forms assemblies to build, as a console-based front-end also

So what you're seeing is the attempted building of the alternate front
ends, the failing of those builds, and the successful build of the
"least-common-denominator" front-end.  This was (alas!) the best
solution I could think of to ensure that it built on all systems without
requiring extra assemblies, and still allow the preferred default to be
a GUI program.

Alternate solutions would be to separate out the front-ends into
different DLLs and install the DLLs, but I haven't gotten there yet.

 - Jon

On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 02:08, Nick Drochak wrote:
> JP,
> When I do 'make' in mcs/tools/type-reflector it tries to build three times.
> The first and second times it fails with errors and the third time it seems
> to succeed.  On top of that, if I run make again it does the same thing all
> over again even though no sources were changed.
> I'd try to fix it myself, but makefile.core kinda scared me once I got in
> there :)
> Nick D.
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