[Mono-list] Report and print systems.

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos@gnome-db.org
13 Jan 2003 18:24:39 +0100

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El lun, 13-01-2003 a las 18:06, Daniel Morgan escribi=F3:
> Take a look at the System.Drawing.Printing namespace.  In Mono, it is mos=
> stubs.
> Most especially, take a look at the PrintDocument class.
> As miguel said, C# bindings to gnome-print needs to be done in gtk#.
> I'm guessing here:
> If someone wanted to create reports, I would use some GUI with ideas foun=
> in Glade and Glade# that allows a user to create a report template visual=
> The report template would be saved as an XML file.  Some library later ca=
> interpret this XML (report template) to create some Report class.  An
> application would feed the data required to this Report class somehow.  T=
> report class could output the results as XML, HTML, PDF, allow the report=
> be viewed in a report browser, or printed to paper.  If printed to paper,
> the Report class would create a PrintDocument class and Print().

This is the basic idea behind GNOME-DB Reports.

We have (in development) gda-report that manages the report creation and
exec. We create a .xml file that follows our DTD (look at
libgda/gda-report/)  Then, we need to add a front-end widgets inside
libgnomedb to create those reports as glade does with interfaces (I was
thinking on glade3 to implement this feature).

Santi Camps is developing now the libgda code based on the initial DTD
we defined some years ago.

> This would be a great opportunity for some company or some person to come
> forward with a reporting system for .NET. Anyways, this is my idea for a
> Mono Reporting Framework.

Well when we finish the report stuff inside gnome-db it's as easy as use
it like you do with database sources and as other bindings like gtk#

> Currently, Crystal Reports.NET comes with certain editions of Visual
> Studio.net.  However, Mono nor Linux has something like Crystal Reports
> Wasn't the GNUe or GNOME-DB projects working on reports?   Maybe this can=
> reused somehow.

I don't know the GNUe reports status. The gnome-db reports will be
something like Crystal Reports ones. When I started with them I took
Crystal Reports as the start point.


P.S.: As long as I know gnome-print does not work with Windows...

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> Hello,
> > 	Congratulations for the new release. I'm evaluating if i could use at
> > this moment mono for a management application. I saw these days that
> > there is no problems in using gtk# with System.Data in datagrids
> > components like sql# does, but i have two doubts how could i do reports
> > with database consulting and how i can print them? which classes i have
> > to see? or if i have to do it how can i do?
> We do not have classes for reports, and sadly gnome-print is currently
> missing in Gtk#
> Miguel.
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