[Mono-list] Problems with mod_mono

Jaroslaw Kowalski jarek@atm.com.pl
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 19:04:44 +0100

.NET deployment model is simple "xcopy" (which means copying the whole
directory to web server). I've been using it for some time, and it really
seems to work.
You just copy source/binary/web.config file and that's all. I cannot come up
with anything more simple than that.

Thanks to shadow directories for DLLs there are no problems with locked
files anymore. No more annoying IIS restarts, looks like MS finally did it.


P.S. There are actually things you can't achieve with web.config. For things
like increasing maximum page execution timeout you still have to modify
"machine.config". But for me it's ok.

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Out of curiosity, what is the model used by Java for JSP pages?  They
have an easy way to deploy web applications inside a web server nowdays.
Wouldn't C# be able to use a similar framework?

C# stole so much from Java, we might as well steal their deployment
model too, right?  :)


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> Got the same problem. I solved it (partially and temporarily) by
> chmod 0777 /var/www
> (which is obviously the WRONG WAY to do it).
> Afterwards, I got a lot of errors like "finalization cycle involving
> in "httpd/error_log", which I couldn't get rid of.
> Anybody can help?

We should probably have mod_apache set the HOME environment variable to
a directory where the Apache has write permission.


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