[Mono-list] Problems with mod_mono

Fawad Halim fawad@fawad.net
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 23:37:00 -0600

I installed mod_mono on Mandrake 9. As mandrake puts the include files 
in /usr/include/apache, I changed the
in configure to use that directory. Copied it over to the modules 
directory, and put the directives
	LoadModule mono_module                  modules/libmod_mono.so
	MonoApplication /mono /usr/local/fawad/mono/cvs/xsp/server/test
in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

When I try to access the index.aspx page in the xsp test directory, I 
get an error

	[root@chuckie mod_mono]# lynx -source http://localhost/mono/index.aspx
	Looking up localhost
	Making HTTP connection to localhost
	Sending HTTP request.
	HTTP request sent; waiting for response.
	Alert!: Unexpected network read error; connection aborted.
	Can't Access `http://localhost/mono/index.aspx'
	Alert!: Unable to access document.
	lynx: Can't access startfile

Error_log has the line
	** (process:30812): CRITICAL **: : shared file 
[/var/www/.wapi/shared_data-0] open error: No such file or directory
in it.
When I put the mod_mono directives in, I can't access other files from 
the webserver as well.

Any idea what the problem could be? I am using Apache2-2.0.40ADVX