[Mono-list] Qt# 0.6 has been released

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 18:03:50 -0500

January 12th, 2003

Qt# 0.6 - A cross-platform GUI toolkit for Mono and Portable.Net, has been 

Download for source, binaries, tutorials and documentation:


Information and screenshots:


This package contains Qt#, version 0.6. This is a maintenance release. The 
main improvements over 0.5 are an easier build system, enhanced compatibility 
with Portable.NET, addition of some missing methods, and a few bug fixes.

We have worked with both Mono and Portable.NET developers to improve 
compatibility across the various compilers and runtime environments (CLIs). 
The goal, of course is that Qt# apps compiled with any C# compiler (e.g. csc, 
cscc, or mcs) will run in any CLI (e.g. mono, ilrun).

Changes since 0.5

*  Correct ctor signature for QTabWidget (marcus)

*  A new build for our QtC package that uses qmake (marcus)

*  A new build for our Qt# package that uses Portable.NET's excellent csant 
tool (nick)

*  QFractals sample -- port of a Java quantum fractal generator to C# (adam)

*  Improved support/operation with mono (all)

*  Improved support/operation with pnet (all)

*  Numerous fixes for interoperation with mono/pnet compilers/runtimes 

*  All anonymous enums are now explicitly named (marcus)

*  Boxing constructor access modifiers (marcus)

*  Added missing methods to QComboBox (marcus)

*  Corrected ctor syntax for the examples (marcus)

*  Implicit conversion from byte[] to QByteArray (marcus)

Qt# developers: Adam Treat, Marcus Urban, Nick Zigarovich, Joseph Wenninger

A special thanks to the Portable.NET and Mono developers for helping to solve 
compatibility issues!