[Mono-list] Mono 0.18 has been released.

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
12 Jan 2003 23:02:41 -0500

Happy new year!

        The Mono team is proud to release Mono 0.18, with plenty of bug
        fixes and improvements.  If you are a happy 0.17 user, this
        release is a happiness extension release.  Many bugs in the
	runtime, class libraries and C# compiler have been fixed.

	An Apache mod_mono is now available to run ASP.NET.

        Also, our special envoy in Japan has reported that there is
        some naming confussion about the naming of Mono, as can be
        seen in the following documentary material:
        Atsushi Enomoto shows the source of confussion:
        Nick and Duncan echo it:

* Availability

	Mono 0.18 packages and source code is available for download 	from:


	Those using Red Carpet on Linux can install Mono 0.18 from
        the Mono channel.  The packages have already been pushed for

	At release time we have packages for Red Hat 8.0, 7.3,
    	7.2 and 7.1 and Mandrake 8.2.

* Contributors to this release

	This release is brought to you by:

	Alejandro Sanchez, Alp Toker, Atsushi Enomoto, Cesar Octavio
	Lopez Netaren, Daniel Lopez (mod_mono), Daniel Morgan, Dennis
	Hayes, Dick Porter, Dietmar Maurer, Duncan Mak, Eduardo
	Garcia, Gaurav Vaish, Gonzalo Paniagua, Jackson Harper, Jaime
	Anguiano, Jeroen Janssen, Johannes Roith, Jonathan Pryor, Juli
	Mallett, Lluis Sanchez, Marco Ridoni, Martin Baulig, Miguel de
	Icaza, Nick Drochak, Paolo Molaro, Patrik Torstensson, Piers
	Haken, Rachel Hestilow, Rafael Teixeira, Ravi Pratap,
	Sebastian Pouliot, Tim Coleman, Tim Hayes, Ville Palo, Zoltan

* New in this release

	VB.NET compiler:
		Many improvements to the Mono VB.NET compiler.


		Plenty of bug fixes in ASP.NET.  Larger applications
	        can now be run with it.  The authentication system has
	        been deployed, most changes are from Gonzalo.

		We have a modified IBuySpy running (without Xslt)

		If you want to run ASP.NET you can run it with either
		our XSP proof-of-concept server, or with Daniel's
		Apache module that can be fetched from CVS (module
		name: mod_apache)

	Type Reflector:
		A Console, Gtk# and Windows.Forms tool to browse
		compiled assemblies and examine the types on it, from
		Jonathan Pryor.

	Moving to NUnit 2.0 

		Nick continues the work on moving our test suite to 		NUnit 2.0 


		Gaurav has started work on the Mobile controls, which
		are required to run some of the reference applications
		in full-mode like IBuySpy.


		The remoting infrastructure has got a big boost from
		Lluis in this release.


		Ville has been working on improving our System.Data
		classes in the XML assembly. 


		Plenty of new crypto from Sebastien as well.  A new
		web page in our	site can be used to track this.


Special thanks go to Duncan who cooked up this release.