[Mono-list] tech infant would like to be a part of the developement of Mono...

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Come join us on 
You could also skim message archives.

I'm in a similar position and documenting is a great way to start.

Work is progressing on a tutorial; have a look...

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To Whomever,

If you are taking the time to even read this I thank you,  I would love 
to be a part of this project.
I have skills but compared to you guys they are insignificant.  I don't 
care if I am only writing readme, howto's or proofreading docs someone 
else has written... I will do any mundane tasks just to be a part of

I am an intermediate Linux user about 5 years, mostly RH but have also 
used Slackware and Mandrake.

I make my living off Microsoft as a LAN/WAN Administrator/Analyst, to me

"Microsoft" is another word for organized crime.

This means a lot to me, but I will completely understand if this gets 


Robert J. Tiffany

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