[Mono-list] using the debugger?

Martin Baulig martin@gnome.org
12 Jan 2003 04:08:38 +0100

Jeroen Janssen <japj@xs4all.nl> writes:

> I finally was able to compile & run the debugger (GUI). However I don't seem to get it
> 'working'.
> I want to load a program and start debugging it :)
> I tried using the GUI to load a program, but it didn't seem to work (no visible result at
> all).


the GUI command is now fixed in CVS.  You can also specify the program and its arguments
on the command line:

        mono Debugger.exe Program.exe arguments

> Next I tried to 'console interface' in the GUI.
> If I understand correctly (but I couldn't find any 'real' documentation) I can use 'start
> <exename>' to start debugging an application?
> Anyway, when I enter 'start JCommand.exe test.js' I get:

Yes, that's right - but STRING it a "quoted string" like this:

        start "JCommand.exe" "test.js"

The INTEGER argument was used to attach to a running process, but I'll remove this before
the release, it's currently broken and was only used to debug the thread stuff.

Martin Baulig