[Mono-list] error CS0246: The namespace `System' can not be found

Kenneth Brubaker kennethbrubaker@hotmail.com
Sat, 11 Jan 2003 13:17:00 -0600

Yes, I already tried that.  Here's another commandLine that illustrates:

E:\Development\ClaveCode\Builds\2003-01-10\Enterprise>call mcs.bat 
\Mono\Debug\ClaveCode.Enterprise.dll /target:library /recurse:*.cs 
/warnaserror+ /warn:4 /checked+ 
-lib:E:\Development\Download\Mono\mono-1.7\install\lib -reference:corlib.dll

If I change the name to corlibE.dll, i get a message that it can't find 
corlibE.dll, so I know it's finding it.  This to me is very strange.

I wonder if the placement of my install is a problem, the mcs.bat text seems 


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You could try using the -lib: switch to include the library path to your
assemblies like System.dll, etc...

mcs xxx.cs -lib:c:/mono-0.17/install/lib

You could try the following too:
in the Windows control panel, set the PATH environment variable to your
X:\mono\install\lib and your X:\mono\install\bin paths
setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to your X:\mono\install\lib path may help too

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Subject: [Mono-list] error CS0246: The namespace `System' can not be

When I run mcs.bat ... xxx.cs I get "
error CS0246: The namespace `System' can not be found".  How do I resolve

I downloaded and installed 0.17 on Windows 2000.

Command Line:
-out:..\..\bin\Mono\Debug\ClaveCode.Enterprise.dll -target:library -unsafe-
-warnaserror+ -warn:4 ConfigurationDB.cs

ConfigurationDB.cs(1) error CS0246: The namespace `System' can not be found
(missing assembly reference?)

Probably something simple, but I haven't found anything in "Beginning" or on
a google of this mailing list. I tried executing from where the *.cs file is
and where corlib.dll is.  I tried referencing both corlib.dll and

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