[Mono-list] system.windows.Forms

Simon Waite simon@psionics.demon.co.uk
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 21:27:31 -0000

Oddly enough some of us have been discussing this on #mono recently.

Basically, I'm of the opinion that winelib should be integrated
with the mono runtime.

* Microsoft.Win32 would be easier to implement
* SWF routines that call user32.dll's LockWindowUpdate would
  have a way to get called
* One backend API to write to. - no more messy "#ifdef UNIX"?
  (perhaps - I've not read the runtime source)

* The runtime would be put back (IMO) about 3 months
* Or the runtime would have to be forked
* Winelib dependancy (how complete is it?)
* Possible fork of the runtime(a WineLib one, and the original)

There are more issues I'm sure, and I'm not claiming to be anything
but devils advocate here and throwing ideas about, which is remarkably
easy to do. YMMV etc.



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> To get System.Windows.Forms to work, you need to also disable Garbage
> collection.
> I do not remember the exact switch right now.
> It is documented some where.
> If you want it, email me and I will track it down. (-lGC maybe close)
> I can get a blank form that looks like a text editor, not a dialog form on
> windows.
> Someone claims to have gotten a messagebox up.
> That is about all that can be done with SWF now.
> There is a conflict between the WINELIB pthreads and Linux Pthreads that
> killing us.
> After that is resolved, things should improve quickly.
> Dennis
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