[Mono-list] Providing Dynamic Makefile Defaults

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
09 Jan 2003 18:10:53 -0500

What is the best way to provide decent defaults for makefile.gnu?

For example, type-reflector has 3 targets of interest: console, gtk, and
swf.  The "all" target only supports console output, the "gtk" target
creates a Gtk# window, and the "swf" target uses System.Windows.Forms.

So far, I've use "console" as the default target, as this should always
build.  However, this lacks support for Gtk# and System.Windows.Forms
output, which means that type-reflector must be recompiled to use these
display methods.

Is there a reasonable way to use "console" as the fallback target, and
use "gtk" or "swf" if the appropriate libraries are installed?

 - Jon