[Mono-list] FYI: X# - New Data/XML-oriented language project at MS

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
09 Jan 2003 16:42:18 -0500


> El jue, 09-01-2003 a las 11:47, Ben Hutchison escribió:
> > Yet another future Mono Todo item perhaps??
> > 
> > From: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,808302,00.asp
> And what does it mean? Develop programs using XML? like this? ;-)

>From a talk from Proebsting, my guess is that a few classes like
XmlNode, XmlDocument could be recognized by the language, and you could
integrate XPath expressions directly in it, like:

	DoSomething (XmlDocument doc)
		string val = doc/Book/ISBN[2];

I forget the exact kind of example, but it looks useful.