[Mono-list] Codebehind error

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier gonzalo@ximian.com
09 Jan 2003 17:29:38 +0100

El jue, 09-01-2003 a las 12:58, Carlos Cesario escribió:
> Hi.. I'm having problems with Codebehind, I think that it is not 
> "calling" source.
> Below it follows the error, and the source of the 2 files!

codebehind attribute is ignored by MS and xsp does the same. Try
removing that attribute and testing under IIS. The result is the same.

Why? Because it uses the Inherits attribute and looks for that class in
the assemblies in bin directory.

Currently, due to a bug whose number i don't remember right now, you
gotta *copy* the dlls you have in bin directory to the directory in
which you run 'mono server.exe' to make that work.