[Mono-list] Re: JavaScript and Mono

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 16:56:31 +0100

On 01/09/03 Simon Waite wrote:
> That sounds good, I've no problem with LGPL, but I think the final desision
> rests with miguel(wrt mono) and ultimatly the previous owner (I'm sorry I

Steve Newman is not the 'previous owner' :-)
He's the author and has final say on his code (by changing the license 
in the sources).

I'll note that the javascript support needs several components
and the components may use different licenses, as long as they can be
linked together. Ultimately the author of the component decides the
license. Of course having a single license would result in less
questions on the list, I guess:-)
As I understand it, currently the status of the projects is basically
(I'm using 'done' as in pretty good shape):

		janet 		JScript
Parser          done 		done
Execution 	C# (working?)	node interpreter (status?)
Basic runtime   done		done
Helper libs 	done?		done?
Vsa integration none? 		done?
CodeDom integr. none? 		none?
Test suite      none? 		?

Both are missing Reflection.Emit support.
Please, whoever knows better the status, change the table and post an
Once it's known what is missing for the complete solution and what the two
projects can reuse from each other the authors may have a better idea of
what component of the complete solution may need a license change.


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