[Mono-list] learning C# and mono: a good book?

Carlos Alberto Cortez ccortez@prodigy.net.mx
Wed, 08 Jan 2003 17:55:46 -0600

Well, I'm new too, but I've been working with the O'Reilly "Programming
in C#" and the "thinking in C#"; and I think both are good, especialley
for begginers like you and me ( I suggest you first ).


El mié, 08-01-2003 a las 05:43, Nimrod escribió:
> Hi All, 
> Knowing that mono is too young to have lead to the writing of a good book on 
> C# programming for this platform, I was wondering if anyone on the list might 
> recomend a good book in English on C# that won't get in the way of 
> programming with the
> language on the mono platform.
> Any suggestions?
> Your advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks, 
> Matt
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