[Mono-list] Linux World Says ' Ximian Connector' is GOOD but 'MONO' is Bad !!!

G.Kumaraguru kums@gmx.net
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 00:47:53 +0530

>> Hello!

>>They wrote "Ximian seems to have the sole mission of duplicating
>>Microsoft produces in a monkey-see-monkey-do fashion, so the company
>>just as well be named Simian".

>>Simian - spanish for monkey - isn't this the reason why Ximian got


>>PS: I wonder if the writter has compiled even one program with mono.

The author is the founding editor of VarLinux.org. But I have lost all
respect for him after reading his pathetic attempt at disgracing miguel
and mono (see "miguel goes mono-nuclear" in related articles). I regret
the existence of such a person without journalistic decency amongst
linux campaigners.