[Mono-list] Managed C++ assemblies and Mono

Jeroen Frijters jeroen@sumatra.nl
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 17:39:45 +0100

Patrick Hartling wrote:
> In trying to figure out if I was doing anything wrong, I was looking 
> through the archives of this list.  I came across some 
> information that led me to believe that the assembly compiled
> from Managed C++ is not 100% IL code--rather, it contains
> some native (i.e., Win32) calls. Is that in fact the case?

Yes. Most Managed C++ assemblies contain x86 code. Using some trickery it is
possible to create pure IL assemblies with MC++, but this won't allow you to
interact will with native code, so in your case this wouldn't really help.

> I'd like to know for sure if it's even 
> possible to make this work before I try digging into it
> any further.

It's unlikely you're going to get this to work. The C++ runtime
initialization that the Managed C++ compiler links in is x86 code that
depends on the Windows API, so it'll be hard to get it to run on Linux.