[Mono-list] VFAT vs Unix filesystems...

Juli Mallett jmallett@FreeBSD.ORG
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 00:35:20 -0800

* De: Alexander van Berne <mono.vanBerne@xs4all.nl> [ Data: 2003-01-08 ]
	[ Subjecte: Re: [Mono-list] VFAT vs Unix filesystems... ]
> Chris, your explanation is correct, but ... AFAIK mono aims to be 100% 
> compatible with .NET which is running on a case-insensitive environment. 
> I agree it is not a bug, simply different behaviour. However if my assumption 
> "targeted at 100% compatibility" is correct, not only should mcs be "fixed" 
> but also should mono. Eventough I can't imagine a really clean solution, it 
> should be given some thought .

It's fairly easy.  For each component of a path, dirread the deepest-known-to
be there directory, and strcasecmp for what is being looked for next.  This
should continue until a 100% hit is found.

The problem is this is prone to being tricked.
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