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Simon Waite simon@psionics.demon.co.uk
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 23:32:31 -0000

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> > At 8:14 PM +0100 1/7/03, Jeroen Janssen wrote:
> > >Is it interesting to see if we can work together with Rhys on a JScript
> > > implementation that can/will be used by both projects? ---
> > >Jeroen
> You can ask, but the answers to the two obvious questions are "GPL plus
> linking exception, not X11" and "hosted in a neutral CVS, not Mono or

Just my 2p ... X11 or BSD, or even LGPL are acceptable licenses (from my
point of view - YMMV:) However, I do agree that a neutral CVS is a good
but it looks like the code has unfortunatly appeared to have forked.

> On Wednesday 08 January 2003 06:19 am, Steve Newman wrote:
> > Even if there is no shared code, we could collaborate on research and
> > specifications -- [...]
> > The other obvious area for collaboration is test suites.  [...]
> These two areas are probably the best places to start for collaboration.

The world needs more test suites, definately.


Another place that you can find docs on JScript (WSH variant) is :
www.microsoft.com/scripting - It might be interesting to be able to
support WSH in some fashion perhaps as a seperate app, that communicates
via whatever COM/Activex/whatever Interface that M$ .NET apps do.

I know there is probably a better way to implement scripting in .NET
but programmers like the familiarity of stable APIs
I refer to the MSScriptControl.ScriptControlClass as implemented by the
autogenerated assembly Interop.MSScriptControl.dll



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