[Mono-list] Re: JavaScript and Mono

Steve Newman steve@snewman.net
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 10:20:33 -0800

At 09:53:01 -0000 1/7/03, "Simon Waite" <simon@psionics.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> > A related note: I believe Gopal V (gopalv82@dotgnu.org) has just checked
> > the JANET code into Portable.Net.  ... It would be a shame to see the
> > code forked.
>How are Pnet intending to work around the deficiancies in their classlibs,
>specifically Reflection.Emit , that is obviously needed to implement such
>things as eval()?

It turns out I got the story wrong.  Rhys Weatherley has been working on an unrelated JScript implementation (very recently announced) that will be part of Portable.Net.  (He didn't know about JANET, and I didn't know about his project.)  As part of a broader effort to ensure general compatability, Gopal is has been testing to see whether JANET runs under Portable.Net.  But JANET will not be part of Portable.Net and it has not been checked into the Portable.Net source tree.

-- Steve