[Mono-list] Re: Javascript and Mono

Steve Newman steve@snewman.net
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 17:29:14 -0800

At 9:03 AM +0800 1/7/03, Alan Knowles wrote:
>Just had a quick browse through the code for javascript - (very nice), anyway, just wanted to pick your brain on some of it, (as it relates to some of the ideas I had for PHP#)
>The Objects that you have defined for Javascript : JObject, JNumber etc. - you do the type casting in a seperate class, rather than use the implicit stuff:
>was there any reason in that..? - It's looked kind of ideal to me for the PHPObjects... - but maybe I'm missing something..

The short answer is, I was learning C# as I wrote this code, and sometimes avoided a language feature simply because I didn't know about it or understand it.

If you have questions about specific places in the code, I'd be happy to answer them.

-- Steve